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Exercises of the Mouth Muscles

A recent study by the Journal of Oral Rehabilitation indicates that daily exercises of the tongue, lips, and jaw muscles improves saliva secretion, decreases mouth breathing, and improves tongue position during sleep.  Exercises of these muscles also improves chewing and swallowing.

Tongue exercises include pushing the tongue against the roof of the mouth and also moving the tongue around all of the cheek areas. Lip exercises involve tightening the lips around any object for 5 seconds at a time.  Two sets of the exercises three times a day are recommended.

The Journal study found that overall strength of the facial muscles improved 32% in two weeks.  These exercises can be particularly helpful in  older individuals or anyone with chewing or swallowing difficulties.


Self Exam for Head, Neck, and Oral Cancer

Oral cancer rates are increasing.  Our patients receive a thorough examination when visiting our office for regular appointments.  We recommend that you also do a monthly self-exam each month.  This exam is to be performed using a bright light and a mirror.

–  Look and feel inside the lips and the front of the gums

– Tilt head back to inspect and feel the roof of your mouth

– Pull the cheek out to see ins inside surfaces and the back of the gums

– Pull your tongue out using a cloth or gauze pad to look at all surfaces

– Fell for lumps or enlarge glands on the sides of your neck and jaw

Make note of any:

– White patches——leukoplakia

– Red patches——erythroplakia

-Red and white patches——erythroluekoplakia

– A sore that fails to heal and bleeds easily

– An abnormal lump or thickening of the tissues of the mouth

– Chronic sore throat or hoarsness

– Difficulty in chewing or swallowing

– A mass or lump in the neck

If any or these are noticed you need to call our office and we will see you to evaluate your condition and offer treatment options.  At St. Louis Hills Dental Group we are constantly looking for ways to make sure you have good health.







The St. Louis Better Business Bureau rates companies in the St. Louis area.  Ratings are based on business practices, complaints and how complaints are resolved.  Ratings are on a scale of A+ to F.

At St. Louis Hills Dental Group we are rated A+, the highest rating possible.  If we have helped you in the past thank you for your support.  If we can help any family, friends, or anyone else please let us know.


Among dental procedure terrors for people in St. Louis, root canal procedures are at the top of their worst fear list. No two ways about it, it’s an extensive procedure, but it can relieve a lot of pain and save a significantly damaged tooth.

Root canals are needed when a tooth becomes infected due to decay or injury.  If a tooth is infected and is not treated with a root canal the possibility of a more serious infection or loss of the tooth is certain.  At St. Louis Hills Dental, we do everything we can to put your mind at ease.  Root canals at out office are done using microscopes and the latest technolgy to achieve excellent results.

If you are experiencing any tooth symptoms involving swelling or a throbbing aching please let us know and we can schedule you for an evaluation and treatment.



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